Ionic App in a blick



100DaysOfCode – Day 4 – Ionic

Today I wanted to do some more React, but someone was in need of a time tracker application for his projects, so I thought, why not? I can try to do it in React to learn more.

I was looking for some basic knowledge, like what I should take into account to track times, and so on, and I found pretty few applications in different languages, but one of the projects catch my attention.

This article : by Josh Morony.

I didn’t have a clue about Ionic but it sounded promising, so I dig a little bit deeper and it is.

Ionic – It’s an Open Source (oh yeah, you know how much I like the Open Source thingy) framework to develop cross-platform mobile applications, it’s a good presentation, and the cherry of the cake, is that it can be used with Angular (the favorite one), React and they promise future frameworks like Vue soon to join.

So, that was it! I started one small test with their online wizard and I could have something visible in minutes, nothing useful, no logic at all but all the bases covered and working, pretty cool isn’t it?

I started the time tracker and like the article says in 3 hours, you have your application running and working as expected. It was pretty simple, just I found myself fight errors unknown for me but if you know how to fight bugs in any other language, the approach is always similar, basically, search & destroy.

To have Ionic working basically you need just two things Node.js and npm, and you are ready to start installing and playing pretty much. They have a pretty good documentation for each framework for developers, they have you covered