React TodoList now!



100DaysOfCode – Day 5 – React Todo List App

What is to learn anything in IT without HelloWorld examples or TodoList applications? Nothing! You would never learn properly, you need these to be able to start put your hands on whatever you want to do, it’s the “walker” to make the baby steps into your new/wannabe area of expertise.

So today was my Todo List day for React with this article to create a simple Todo List App.

I learnt some small things and above all started to put things on place, how are related, how they work, how components are so key and how state is at the core of almost everything.

Did you know that in React a form the default behavior is to submit to the same page? But you can break this with e.preventDefault().

Again I had to get used to some new errors, but all done and dusted, I was able to get them working.

Maybe I’m going to do an application with Ionic and React just to see how does it work, taking mental note for one of my 95 days to go with the Challenge.

That’s all Folks!