My Portfolio: All Done!

Thank you, Kevin Powell!

My Portfolio:

I cannot be happier!!! Today I finally had my portfolio done and published!

I’ve finally finished creating my portfolio. I can’t believe it. In the end it was quite painless and quite faster than I thought. Thanks to the help of Kevin Powell and FreeCodeCamp.
I didn’t want anything else, something simple, clean and fair about me, whoever wants to know more should ask.
Besides, while I was doing it, I learned a lot of CSS tricks. It was the cherry on top of the cake.

I didn’t have used before the Custom properties (Variables), and I just had a fair idea about transforms and transitions, quite powerful I have to say.
I started on Thursday and today Monday, last picture, last contents and last touches. Now I’m waiting for critics and opinions, but I’m much more relaxed after taking this weight off my shoulders.

Electronjs Seriously!

It's fast.


I finished the Desktop application that I was developing for ACM. Yes, I know, took one week or little more to do it with Electronjs, just to say that I didn’t have a clue one week ago what Electronjs was (shame on me), so not previous knowledge needed.

It is a small application that puts a “nice face” to an unfriendly sh file, which has to create an structure of files and folders, sometimes running some tests or just validating configurations.

I started my approach, creating a web application with raw HTML, JavaScript and JQuery, but it was limited and frustrating , and at the end it just fulfilled half of the requirements.

A colleague pointed out that it would be a good idea to have a Desktop Application for these requirements, above all for the limitation from JavaScript to “inter-actuate” with System files and folders. He was also the person who pointed out to Electronjs.

On the spot I started to read, to check the possibilities, what was this Electron about, and I liked it, even more when I created my first app from this video ( , Thank you Traversy Media), it was everything falling in place, HTML, CSS and Creating/ Accessing system files. Just perfect!

Maybe you are not into videos so, here a list of resources that I found useful when struggling with some points.

I’m looking forward to create another application with Electron, just to face new challenges and learn more about it. What about this EasyFinance app that I started in PHP and is dying of boredom? Let’s see, let’s see.