JavaSwing JSplitPane



Today was a quick exercise with JavaSwing. It was to help someone who needed an easy GUI, but at the end it was of not use for the person, but for me was a way to check that I still can work with Java, the logic is applied the same way independently of the language, good to know!

#100DaysOfCode – Day 2 : JavaSwing

I had a small request about a GUI where two lists where displayed, left and right, the one in the left will show some values that when selected should fill the values of the list at the right side.

The user should be able to add new items to the lists and remove them.

I decide to have the view with a JSplitPane, the JList and DefaultListMode to add new items was the answer for the lists. Listeners where the key for the button functions.

The result:

A lot to be improved but for a quick exercise I think it was good enough.