VirtualBox An easy way

Linux into Windows


If you need to have Linux into your Windows Machine, there are some solutions but the most straight forward, to have that working in a couple of hours without deleting anything is the VirtualBox solution.

I found these two guides really good, clear and step by step:

Install Linux Inside Windows Using VirtualBox

How to install Ubuntu on VirtualBox?

Included solutions for when something could go wrong. Really useful.

Once you have follow all these steps you have a working Linux Machine, but for sure you will one to add access to some of your Windows folders. For that I found the best solution under this blog, above because it is the only link which included instructions to not just add the a shared folder, but also to make it persistent, what is a big point.

I had also some complications next day after the installation because of my second monitor, the VirtualBox was working but the Linux login was just a black screen, I could type my password and when having access Ubuntu was working without problem. I was able to solve it with this solution, just in case you have the same problem.

And if you need to add Java for your projects, just you are two steps away, open your console and type:

sudo apt update // Update your apt package index
sudo apt install default-jdk // Install the default Java Package
sudo apt install default-jre // If you want just the Java Runtime Environment, without Development Tools